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A&A Auto Repair

A & A Autos celebrates years of taking care of cars and the people who ride in them, providing car owners with a one-stop shop for factory scheduled maintenance service and repairs for most makes & models.. Our trained and certified technicians can perform the same service as a dealer only at a much greater value.

A & A Autos is not just another car repair and tune up service provider. We have the best-in-class training and service warranties. While we are experts on cars, we're also focused on the people who drive in them. We understand how people drive, and based on that, we can build a program catered to each person that keeps your car running how you want it. It's how A & A Autos is in tune with our customers.

Under your car, we go above and beyond:

At A & A Autos, we work a little harder to keep your car on the road. Because when we go the extra mile, you can get a lot more of them from your car. Count on Precision Tune for complete car care…from top to bottom.

To learn more about some of our wide variety of services, click on the services below.

* Fuel Injection System Service
* Cooling system repairs
* Exhaust system repairs
* Tyres, Wheel Balance & Wheel Alignment
* Tune Up
* Front end and supension repairs
* Scheduled Maintenance Services
* Warning Lights/Diagnostic Services


* General servicing & maintenance
* Electronic tuning
* Fuel injection repair
* Fuel injector cleaning
* Brake & clutch repairs
* Disc and drum machining
* safety certificate inspections
* pre purchase vehicle inspections
* Key programming

In addition to personal-use vehicles, A & A Autos also offers Fleet Service to businesses.

A & A Autos technicians become your auto care experts by obtaining Qualification certificate, as well as hands-on proficiency training provided by our very own Training Centres, with both management and technical training. In addition, many technicians take manufacturer-specific classes and pick up skills on-the-job, working on many different makes and models of vehicles everyday.

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